new stuff:  -remote control car
-remote control car.

-Most of what I've written recently can be found on boob implant removal.
-Or in my boob implant removal.
-Why my friends will always be my friends.
-Answers to commonly asked Help Desk questions. OK, so I was feeling abitjaded at the time.
-iphone 5 screen repairs All Lies!
-iphone 5 screen repairs
-wedding cars london
-Redwoods, ferns, the Kinetic Sculpture Race, and even the Rutabaga Ball. Who could say no to Memorial Day in Eureka?


-wedding cars london.
-dining chairs: articles from an 1888 Encyclopedia
-Heather gave me a huge atlas, so I had to build a lecturn to hold it.
-The Remote Control Box
-The Humphrey Room Inconveniencer.
-The icosahedron project.
-For Heather's Christmas present, I converted a mechanical typewriter into a keyboard.
-Boys' and Girls' Own Adventure in the modern world: urban exploration.
-My then-boss and I kidnapped Colonel Sanders.

One Bush street (description and backstory).
-Random collections of photos, including catsand Oregon.
-I met a rather nice young woman whose company I could tolerate and who could tolerate mine. Here are the wedding pics.
-For Christmas of 2000, Heather gave me an 1888 Encyclopedia. The maps are fascinating (here's the low-res version).
-Ted E. Bear came to visit San Francisco.
-Happy Halloween!

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